Effective Training – Use the full learning transfer model to ensure 100% success

The ugly reality is that most of the time, learning events (whether classroom, e-learning, etc.) fail to achieve the desired change in performance a waste of time and costs. And those that do succeed only improve performance 40-50% of what was needed. This can be overcome by using the full learning transfer model. When applied, nearly 100% of learning succeeds and improves performance to 90+% of desired levels.

A simple way to apply this model is to:

  • Communicate the what/WHY/how of the learning initiative to receive buy-in from leadership – from the top-down. Also, communicate to other key stakeholders who can help drive the initiative such as HR Business Partners.
  • Communicate the what/WHY/how to the leaders of the participants and the participants.
  • Require the leader-of the participant to meet with the participant before the live learning event to discuss the event, WHY it is important (what’s in it for the participant/team/department/company), the leader’s expectations to complete all learning activities and come back with actionable items.
  • Require the participant to complete pre-work-such as a engaging video. You can also add a worksheet reinforcing key learnings and asking open questions as to how they can apply those in their work and/or team. This can then be used during the live learning event.
  • Require the participant to attend the live learning event-obtaining the new knowledge, skills, and attitudes.
  • Require the leader of the participant to meet with the participant after the live learning event. The participant shares key learnings and the action items he/she plans to take to ensure the new knowledge, skills, attitudes are applied on the job.
  • The leader recognizes/rewards the participant’s efforts, shares that, in his/her regular monitoring of the participant’s performance, he/she will be looking for the new performance and rewarding or coaching as necessary, and that the new performance will be added to and evaluated on the participant’s mid-year and annual performance review.
  • Create and communicate to the participants a easily accessible and robust resource site-where participants can get all the best practices they learned in training along with other resources and tools 24/7 for that just-in-time need.
  • Begin emailing weekly reinforcements to the participants – each one reminding them of a key learning and/or tool from the learning initiative.
  • The leader of the participant regularly monitors the new performance – rewarding or coaching as necessary, and reviewing/evaluating during mid-year and annual performance reviews.
  • The organization must provide support in terms of policies / processes / R&R to help the new behaviours to grow, else the application of learning will be limited.
  • And as you measure the learning initiative (L0-L5), share wins with all!

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Effective Training – Use the full learning transfer model to ensure 100% success

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